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Accommodation listing - $70

Target those looking to travel with their pets by listing your dog friendly accommodation in Victoria on the Dogs On Holidays website.

All your contact details are on display, allowing prospective guests to enquire or book directly with you. You can also include an availability calendar and a link to your website if you have one.

To advertise your dog-friendly holiday property, go to the Travel Victoria accommodation advertising page and submit the details of your accommodation. Your advertisement will then be designed and published on both the Travel Victoria and Dogs On Holidays websites. If your accommodation is located less than 500 metres walk from the beach, you will also receive a listing on the Beach Stays website.

Annual listing fees are $70, with no more to pay. Add in extra properties for half price.

The Dogs On Holidays website features over 300 dog friendly accommodation properties in Victoria and receives up to 1,000 visitors each day who are looking for dog-friendly experiences.

Advertise your accommodation

If you currently have a listing with Dogs On Holidays, information about managing that listing can be found on the Travel Victoria existing advertiser support page.

Other listing - FREE

Free listings are available on the Dogs On Holidays website for dog friendly restaurants, cafes, wineries, tours, boarding kennels, dog related activities and events.

All listings must have a website or Facebook page which we can link to, so people can find out more information.

Submit your listing below. If you need to update an existing listing, email with the changes.

Facebook post - $50 + optional $20 boost

Dogs On Holidays has over 34,000 followers on Facebook. See our Facebook page -

Most of our followers are dog owners or dog lovers, with many of them having an interest in travel as well as enjoying activities and experiences with their dogs.

Any business which offers services, products, experiences or holds events for dog owners can be promoted with a Facebook post on our page.

A Facebook post can include up to 5 images, a short description and link to your website which people can follow for more information.

A Dogs On Holidays Facebook post typically appears within the feed of up to 30% of our followers. Up to 15% of people who see a Dogs On Holidays Facebook post interact with it - i.e. they click on the post, read its contents, view its photos or follow the web link included in the post.

Facebook insights

Would you like to increase the exposure of your Facebook post and ensure it gets seen by even more people? Add a $20 boost ($10 spread over two days) which is paid by us to Facebook. This will increase the feed exposure and interactions.

Note: accommodation providers who already have their property listed on the Dogs On Holidays website are entitled to one free non-boosted Facebook post per year, subject to availability. Additional posts, with optional boosts, can be purchased.

Submit your request for a Facebook promotion and we will be in touch to finalise the details, including the photos to use the in the post.