Holidaying information

Booking accommodation

How to choose suitable dog friendly accommodation and making a booking. Questions you should ask before booking, additional fees that may apply, pet restrictions, and the types of facilities that may be provided to ensure an enjoyable stay for you and your pet. More >>

Staying with your dog

Tips to ensure you and your dog enjoy your time away. Essential items to pack before departing on your trip, information about taking care of your dog while on holidays, help with your dog's behaviour, and cleaning guidelines. More >>

Shop for your dog

Buy the best products available for your dog, delivered right to your door when you need it. Dog food, collars, bedding, grooming products, healthcare, treats and toys - we have everything covered. More >>

Accommodation search

Find somewhere to stay in Victoria where both you and your dog will be welcome. Search using any combination of location, type of accommodation and number of guests. More >>

Regions, cities & towns

Discover Victoria's diverse landscapes, natural attractions, regional cities and country towns which welcome those travelling with dogs. More >>

Dog friendly places to eat & drink

Many restaurants, cafes, hotels and bars have outdoor dining areas or courtyards where they welcome patrons accompanied by dogs. You and your pet need not be separated when you want to eat out. More >>

Dog friendly beaches

Find a beach in Victoria that you and your dog can both enjoy. There are many designated on-lead and off-lead beaches along the coast, however restrictions may apply, particularly during the warmer months of the year. More >>

Dog friendly parks

Most dogs love the great outdoors, and Victoria has an abundance of parks and gardens throughout the state. Some of these parks permit dogs, either on-lead or off-lead. More >>

Dog friendly activities

Share a fun experience or tour with your dog. More >>

Dog events

Attend an event which caters for dogs or their owners. More >>