Dog friendly parks

Most dogs love the great outdoors, and Victoria has an abundance of parks and gardens throughout the state. Some of these parks permit dogs, either on-lead or off-lead.

National, state and regional parks

In general, dogs are not permitted in most of Victoria's national, state and regional parks as they are designated as sanctuaries for native animals. The following parks are an exception and have some designated areas where you can bring your dog:

Dog friendly parks in Melbourne

Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs have a large range of parks suitable for you and your dog to visit. While some of those parks have designated off-lead areas, some do require your dog to be on a lead at all times.

A selection of some popular parks are:

Dog etiquette in parks

Please observe the following simple rules when bringing your dog to a park for the benefit and safety of your dog, other dogs and the general public.

  • Keep your dog is on a lead at all times unless you are within a designated off-leash area
  • Ensure you are in effective control of your dog at all times
  • Always carry a scoop and bag so that you can clean up any waste left behind by your dog
  • You may need to carry a water bottle for your dog, particularly if the weather is warm and there are few taps or water sources nearby