Booking accommodation

Notify the management

Before actually making a reservation, notify the management or booking staff that you would like to bring a pet with you. There may be restrictions associated with bringing a dog, including:

  • the breed of the dog
  • the size of the dog
  • the dog's temperament
  • whether the dog is house trained
  • the number of dogs you wish to bring with you
  • the particular time of year that pets are permitted to stay

Confirm any additional costs

Some accommodation properties charge an extra fee for bringing a dog, while some permit dogs to stay free. Confirm if any additional fees apply.

An additional cleaning fee may apply if the management needs to perform extra work to clean up after your pet.

Verify the accommodation suitability

Make sure the property you are booking is suitable for your pet and has the facilities you require.

It is important to understand that there can be large variations in what constitutes "dog friendly" accommodation. Not all accommodation permits dogs inside, and not all are securely fenced. Some properties, particularly those where facilities are shared between those with and without pets, may have to find an suitable compromise when it comes to balancing the needs and comfort of all guests.

Questions you may wish to ask include:

  • can my dog can come inside?
  • can my dog can sleep inside?
  • can my dog hop onto indoor furniture?
  • is bedding or a kennel provided for my dog?
  • are food and water bowls provided?
  • are there securely fenced outdoor areas for my dog?
  • is my dog required to be on a lead when outside?
  • are there are any off-leash areas outside?
  • is there any local wildlife my dog may encounter?
  • does proof need to be provided of current vaccinations?

It is important that you abide by any conditions imposed by the management to ensure comfort and safety for your dog and other guests.

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