Staying with your dog

What to pack

Don't forget to pack those essential items your dog will need on its trip away. Unless these items are supplied by the accommodation provider, you should pack:

  • food and water bowls
  • bedding, including blankets
  • dog leash
  • waste bags for cleaning up after your dog
  • toys your dog likes playing with
  • cleaning and grooming products such as shampoo and a brush

Ensure your dog has a collar fitted that has an ID tag showing its name and your phone number. That way if your dog does get lost, someone can easily get in contact to reunite you and your pet.

Taking care of your dog

Always keep some dog food in reserve to ensure your pet doesn't go hungry when you can't get easily get supplies. This is particularly important if you are staying in a remote area or in a location where the local shops may not be open the long hours you may be accustomed to in the city.

Don't forget to bring any medication that your dog regularly requires.

If you are staying somewhere where your dog may come into contact with other dogs, such as at a caravan park, ensure your dog is up to date with all vaccinations.

Ensure your dog has current flea control treatment. This is particularly important if you are bringing your dog inside a holiday property.

Never leave your dog alone inside a parked vehicle on a hot day. It can take just a few minutes for a dog to suffer severe heat exhaustion as they are unable to regulate their body temperature if the air around them is too hot or they don't have access to cool water.

Your dog's behaviour

If you are staying somewhere that also has other guests on the property, ensure your dog doesn't disturb or intimidate others. Keep in mind that not everyone is a dog lover and that some children and even adults may have a fear of dogs.

Take your dog on long walks and give it plenty of exercise. This will help to settle it down and relax while it is in a strange environment away from home.

Be aware that a barking dog at night can keep some people awake. Sharp sounds can be heard long distances away in an open rural setting.


Only allow your dog to come inside your accommodation if it is properly house-trained.

Clean up any waste your dog makes outside promptly.

If your dog creates a mess that you cannot fully clean up, or damages any property, then ensure you inform the management.

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